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So Many Assets

So Little

The medical device industry relies on a complex supply chain. The same holds true for medical device software, with its blend of 1st party, 3rd party and open-source software. Unfortunately, product security teams are blind to the components used in different engineering programs, to their make-up and the risks within. If you can’t see all the risks – how can you fix them?

Automating Asset Discovery

Cybellum enables OEMs and their suppliers to develop and maintain secure IoMT products. Our Cyber Digital Twins™ platform provides complete visibility into your medical device software assets, across all development programs, enhancing accountability and product security.

Asset Discovery

Automatically discover your assets, through a comprehensive inventory of normalized digital representations of medical device software components, including their SBoM

Portfolio Impact Analysis

Automatically detect vulnerabilities across your entire asset inventory during and post development and remediate them (aided by our recommendations) before they can be exploited

Inventory Analytics

Slice-and-dice your asset inventory by various attributes such as geo-location, business-unit or development program, and drill down from asset (component) to SBoM to vulnerabilities

SBOM-to-Device Visibility

Seamless integrations with your PLM, ERP and Remote Update systems extend inventory visibility from SBoM to device ID, exposing associated risks

End-to-end Traceability

Pin-point vulnerabilities and security gaps within components and devices and trace their origin at any lifecycle stage, from design to post production.

Single Platform Efficiency

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The Cyber Digital Twins™ platform provides you the infrastructure to develop and maintain secure products at scale. It unifies pre-production Product Security Assessments with post-production Product Security Operations, providing you the visibility, context and agility needed to secure medical products across their lifespan. No source code needed.